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Minimum System Requirements

OnFire can integrate seamlessly with existing network infrastructure, including firewalls and Layer 3
switches, which makes the deployment applicable almost anywhere across the internal networks.


  • Juniper SRX series - 100, 210, 240, 300, 550, 650, 1300, 1400, 3400, 3600
  • Cisco ASA series (9.4 or later firmware) - 5500, Cisco Firepower series - 4100, 9300


  • Juniper: EX3200, EX3300, EX3400, EX4200, EX4300, EX4500, EX4600
  • Cisco Catalyst Series: 3750-X, 3850 Fiber, 4500-X, 6500, 6800


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Jeff Goldman, eSecurity Planet.