The Network Hologram

Delivering a new transparency across all layers of data for any organization ...

A corporate network is the main information technology communication infrastructure that is widely deployed today on all campuses by all sizes of organizations across the globe. There has been a digital transformation that has completely removed the traditional boundaries of a corporate network, and as a result presents an omnipresent challenge to protect all the data generated by these resources that are being utilized from everywhere. Full visibility and knowledge about how these resources are being used - by whom, from which device, generating what and from where - in real time, has now become a security mandate for enterprises to effectively protect their corporate network, and the assets within this new and fluid dimension. Data breach is not a question of “if” but of “when”, as unknown elements will inevitably access, breach and hide within this new boundless dimension in the pursuit of sensitive data and it’s exploitation once consumed.

To address this challenge we have created the ‘Network Hologram’ – the world’s first.

By creating multi-dimensional correlations, in real-time, of all data traversing your corporate network, our Network Hologram enables discovery and construction of relationships across users, devices, applications and data. This unique technology unmasks the previously invisible to provide a new transparency across your entire corporate network from layer 2 to layer 8.

Network Hologram